Friday, September 17, 2010

Charleston Rocks!

What a great city this is for fine art! The mayor of Charleston, Joseph P Riley stopped by the gallery along with our landlord, the esteemed attorney Capers Barr, Esq. to see our lovely space on Historic Broad Street. He asked questions abut why we chose Charleston. Well! I was delighted to explain to him the exhaustive search I personally did exploring every art market in the country, visiting hundreds of galleries and how Charleston was head & shoulders above the rest when it came to realism in fine art. I talked about how they support their merchants, how gracious every one was and what a spectacular collectors' heaven this is. He was concerned, interested and took the time to come in to meet us and welcome us to his city. Charleston has true southern hospitality and a clear understanding of the importance of our mission and galleries like us dedicated to furthering the skills of painting, drawing and sculpture handed down by the masters of the ages...thank you Mayor Riley, thank you Capers Barr what a truly gracious wonderful moment for us.

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