Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Amusement: Sunday Afternoon on Bird Key

Sunday on Bird Key: Alfonz Lengyl was holding forth about holding Brunellschi's skull in his hands during an excavation of his crypt in Florence; David Kassan & Scott Burdick were in a heated discussion about painting, beauty and the contemporary realism movement. Sue Lyon & Katie Cundiff were reminiscing about old friends & Hodges Soliel & Dominic Avant were laughing about painting foibles over mouthfuls of ham & scalloped potatoes. Mimi Fitzgerald & Charlie Miano were having a quiet glass of wine with Gloria Yonan amid detailing the upcoming Southern Atelier open studio hours...in short a Sunday after noon's amusement of historic proportions. After everyone left Dominic Avant, Karen Cunningham & I marveled at the energy in the room, the energy in Sarasota & the incredible salon like atmosphere throughout the city. We beamed with our good fortune at being alive & a part of the renaissance of representation art exploding in our midst. Shook our heads at the sheer talent painting the after noon away in my living room: furniture piled up, covered with tarps, Flamenco dancer lit on a painting crate. What magic, what fun. Everyone eating giant mounds of food, gulping down wine, talking three conversations at once. It was as if we were all Sue Lyon's little girl in this painting...joyous profusion, happiness abounding. More than anyone could ever deserve: Ah Grace!