Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eli Cedrone's efficiency of brush stokes makes the drama of this lovely woman's stance and the light on her turned head cascade across her cheek as morning kiss. How often have we all taken for granted the quiet reflective moments when observing a lover, a child, a friend only to return to them years later in our mind's eye...wishing we were back there in that blissful unconsciousness of being; doing all of the daily things we did without thinking: tie a sash, brush errant locks of hair, run our hand lightly across the peach fuzz on an arm. Eli's painting takes us to that moment of commonality, the treasure of the every day. It allows us to freeze frame the loves in our life: current, past & future in one holy place. It reminds us to really look when presented with the gift of our everyday lives; to see the light, the shadow, the hue...memorizing and imprinting each precious detail. It reminds us those moments are fleeting and to hold them dear. It reminds us of the temporal nature of now and the everlasting nature of our past and eternal nature our future. Eli's painting can be seen at or at our physical location at 16 S. Palm, Sarasota FL

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scarlet Stains

Scarlet stains on the arches of this beautiful San Miguel Mission so clearly reveal the nature of human frailty within the sanctity of life. The recent scandals of the pedophilia and subsequent cover ups have rocked the church, horrified its faithful and evoked scorn among the secular.
The centuries old institution in its many forms will likely endure. The nature of human frailty will remain mired in self absorption and cruelty and require the external absolution delivered by an institution larger than the individual. What individual could ever forgive themselves for the horror these men delivered unto the trusting children under their care? It requires a presence larger than life; a presence based on faith for no experience allows for the absolution of this type of transgression. When I view Frank Gardner's painting of this mission it is as if I am viewing one of the icons depicting miracles; like the statue of the Virgin with tears of blood, the church is stained with the blood of innocents and yet basks in the miracle & beauty of a Mexican sunlight, dappled & pleasant in the high mountain mesa air. This lovely work can be seen at M Gallery of Fine Art 16 S Palm Avenue in Sarasota FL or on the web at