Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sadie Valeri's wax paper master works shimmer, shine, glow...their quiet exquisiteness reveals the beauty in the moment of the simplest of things: common household wrap. Her paintings are complete zen-like moments; each one reveals her mastery as a painter, communicates the wisdom of the ancient teachers guiding her hands and mind. It is so obvious her level of concentration pulls her into a space where no words or superfluous thoughts exist. She has such a direct line from her eye through her hand by-passing her conscious thought. Like Einstein she becomes the wax paper, she becomes the brush, she becomes the pigment, she becomes the light. And, like all great painters, once she becomes the light, her work becomes eternal & everlasting, images burned forever in her soul and our minds. A holy place out of Franciscan like simplicity. Ah, truth! Sadie Valeri's work can be seen at M Gallery of Fine Art in Sarasota FL or by clicking this link: