Monday, February 8, 2010

Missing Ants!

When I was a child we lived on a farm in southern Minnesota. My grandmother, Rose, lived with us and had a magnificent perennial garden, despite the harsh Minnesota winters & the occasional escaping livestock stampede. She grew rows of peonies. Lovely nodding heavy headed ant covered peonies. I used to crawl under them and look back at the rest of the yard and my house through the back lit blossoms, some which were as big as luncheon plates. I was always fascinated by the teams of ants, gobbling up the nectar on the buds. Once the flowers opened, the ants as if by magic, disappeared. I would try and figure out where they went but never was able to solve the mystery. It was if they were summoned by some secret signal and then equally as mysteriously "returned to base". We lived a very"organic" life (not intentionally in those days) and I was always admonished very sternly to leave the ants to their work. If I was lucky I would be allowed to pick lush bouquets of the red, pink and white beauties filling vases for our dining room table. The ants would scramble off as best they could and invariably let lose in the house...marching straight out the door. When I look at this wonderful John Traynor I am transported back to sunny late spring in Minnesota, I can smell the garden and in my minds eye see the adorable little ants, going round & round the tight peony buds. Now that I live in Florida, the only peonies I see come from Peru and are in the grocery and of course, are ant free. Traynor's peonies are simply stunning and so faithfully rendered I find my self searching the gallery for ants! You can see the John Traynor Peonies at M Gallery 16 S Palm in Sarasota or by followinng the link below to

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